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roof-replacement-in-wurtsboroThe homeowner had a friend look at their roof, which said the shingles were not installed properly. The homeowner also noticed some ceiling stains on the back side of the house, and some leaks from the flat roof in the front, a roof replacement was needed. It was important to repair the roof before more damage occurred in the home, and to protect the contents of their home. We removed the entire roof, and inspected for plywood that needed to be replaced. Drip edge was installed at all roof edges, ice and water shield at the lower eaves at least 2 feet inside the warm wall of the home. Ice and water shield was also installed 18 inches wide on all roof to wall transitions, 3 feet in the valleys, on roof penetrations and chimney flashings. In installing Ice and Water Shield, extra protection will be provided against wind driven rain and ice dams. We installed GAF Lifetime Slateline shingles along with matching hip and ridge shingles in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications and used 6 galvanized roofing nails per shingle. On the flat roof, GAF Liberty roofing systems were installed. Once the work was finished, the area was swept, all gutters, downspouts were cleaned and any gutter spikes were secured. The job took about 3 days to finish.

*Brand Used: GAF

*Service Used: Roof Replacement

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