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Shingle, Flat, & Metal Roof Comparisons

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Shingle RoofWhen it comes to your roofing options, three of your most common choices are shingle, flat, and metal roofs. Each roof type offers its own pros and cons, and knowing those pros and cons is essential for ensuring you pick the best roof for your home and your needs.

If you’re not sure what the differences between these roofs are, just read on. Our quick guide lays out the biggest pros and cons of each roof so that you can be sure to pick the best one for your Middletown home.

Shingle Roof


  • Low cost
  • Deflection of UV rays
  • Variety of beautiful designs


  • Deterioration from rain and heat
  • Easy to break from impacts
  • Relatively short lifespan (about 20 years)

Flat Roof


  • Very low cost of installation
  • More usable space in your home
  • Ease of maintenance thanks to its lack of pitch


  • More maintenance and care required
  • Very short lifespan (sometimes as little as 10 years)
  • Prone to leaks

Metal Roof


  • Excellent durability against impacts
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficiency because of reflective property


  • Hefty expense
  • Noisy design — like living in a drum when it rains or hails
  • Can be dented when it hails

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