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Roof Shampoo Middletown NYThe customer already had part of the roof cleaned in the past and wanted to get it done again. Moss and algae were covering the majority of the roof. It’s always important to ensure that the roof doesn’t have too much moss if under a lot of shade. Moss can work its way under the shingle, letting water beneath your roof. It can also start to work at removing granules from the shingle, which in turn will reduce the life expectancy of your roof. There are many ways to help reduce algae and moss growth on the roof, one of which is to get a roof cleaning. Using our roof cleaning formula and a low-pressure washing system, we removed the algae and moss from the roof. Typically, power washing companies will use a high-pressure wash and bleach to clean siding and sometimes roofs. Our roof cleaning process uses a low-pressure wash, so we don’t remove granules from the shingle. Also, bleach can be harmful to the environment, corrode metal, and be detrimental to plants. Our roof cleaning uses an eco-friendly formula that effectively cleans your roof while being environmentally friendly.
There are two ways that we clean the roof, with a hand sprayer and a sweeping sprayer. Check out the video below from another project to see how we cleaned the roof using both sprayers. The sweeping sprayer uses two spinning jets at the bottom and is swept across the entire roof to make it easier to cover the whole roof and remove algae. When using the sprayer, harder to remove moss can be worked away if the sweep cannot do so. Also, harder-to-reach areas may not be doable with the sweep which we use the sprayer. Once finished, you can see that the entire roof looks almost brand new. The job took about an hour and a half.

*Estimated Budget: $400

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