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Removing Moss with Roof Shampoo in Middletown, NY

Removing Moss with Roof Shampoo in Middletown, NYThe homeowner noticed that there was moss on the roof in the back. It’s important to remove moss since moss can grow between shingles, allowing water to seep through and soak into the roof’s structure, potentially causing buckling and damaging the wood. Aside from structural problems, moss will also root into the shingle removing granules. Since the roof wasn’t in severe condition, it was possible to clean the roof rather than replace it. We first removed large clumps of moss with a brush. We used Roof Shampoo’s system and cleaning formula. Compared to bleach, Roof Shampoo’s formula, which, unlike bleach, doesn’t harm plants, evaporates any dangerous gasses, and doesn’t corrode metals. Also, since we use a low-pressure wash, granules won’t be blasted off the shingles like a lot of high-pressure washing equipment will do. We’re able to get a powerful clean while also taking care of the roof and the nearby environment. In the video, you can see both a handled spray and a sweeping spray were used to completely remove any growth left on the roof. The roof looks completely different once the roof is finally cleaned and practically looks new. It took around seven hours to clean the entire roof.

*Brand Used: Roof Shampoo

*Estimated Budget: $700

Moss Removal Project Gallery

Moss Removal Project Video

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