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Common Signs That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Roof

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Roof ReplacementOver time, your roof is bound to suffer some pretty nasty wear and tear, and in time, this wear and tear can put your roof past the point of no return. At that point, you’d have no choice but to get a roof replacement. How, though, can you know that you for sure need a replacement and not a much simpler repair?

The answer is that you need to look for some common signs of roofing issues. These signs are simple enough to detect, and they can give you a pretty clear-cut answer as to whether you should replace or repair your roof. So, when roofing issues affect your Middletown home, you need to keep an eye out for any of these signs:

Roof Age

All roofs have a service life that you can more or less set your watch to. For instance, if you have a traditional shingle roof, you can expect to get between 20 and 25 years of use out of it. It’s important to keep this lifespan in mind, especially as you roof nears that projected end point. By that point, your roof should be exhibiting worse and worse signs of wear, indicating that it’s time to be replaced.

Curling Shingles

One great benefit of a shingle roof is that it helps you to know when it’s time to invest in a roof replacement. For instance, when you notice that many of those shingles have begun to curl and buckle, you have a pretty clear indicator that it’s time to look into getting your roof replaced.

Valleys in Roof

Damaged shingles aren’t the only sign that your roof is about at the end of its service life. After all, you might also notice many missing shingles as well. These missing shingles create what’s known as “valleys” in your roof, and when you detect many of these valleys, you know it’s time to get your roof replaced.

Granules in Gutters

As your shingles begin to curl and fall off, bits of granules underneath them will loosen. These granules will, naturally, roll of your roof, and many of them will land in your gutters. When you begin to notice an alarming number of granules in your gutters, you know it’s time to start thinking about replacing your roof.

Greater Needs for Repairs

Over time, you’re going to have to get some roofing repairs. These repairs can be for unexpected damages or just general wear. In either case, the odd repair is nothing to get bothered about. On the other hand, the need for many repairs in a small amount of time IS something to consider, as this problem indicates your roof is at the end of its service life.

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If you’ve determined that it’s time to get your old roof replaced, you need to be sure to get that replacement handled by an experienced roofing contractor. Here in the Middletown area, that contractor should be none other than Serrano II. We offer quality work in a timely manner so that you can enjoy a stunning and long-lasting new roof in no time.

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