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Roof Replacement and Chimney Repair on Big Island Rd in Warwick, NY


The customer’s roof was old and needed to be replaced. The customer wanted to be preventative and make sure that the roof was taken care of before it became an issue. First, we removed all shingles, and inspected the plywood to see if any needed to be replaced. Once replaced, Ice and water shield was installed on the lower eaves, and underlayment was installed on the remainder of the roof. Skylights and sun tunnels were also reinstalled. GAF Mission brown shingles we’re installed on the entire roof, along with white drip edge. There was also a leak in chimney flashing, and chimney cap which rotted the plywood. Any damaged plywood was replaced and recovered with siding. The whole project took about 3 days to complete.

*Brand Used: Velux, GAF

Service Used: Roof Replacement

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