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Older Roof Replacement in Thompson Ridge, NY

The homeowner contacted us to get the roof replaced. They noticed that a few shingles were missing and since the roof was about 30 years old they thought to do so. The typical roof will last around 25 years until you may start seeing leaks or damage from age. At that point, sometimes you’ll start to see shingles fall off the roof, and it may be worth it to replace just a few shingles to give it a few more years, but in the homeowner’s case, it was better to be proactive and replace the entire roof before it caused serious damage to the home. We started by removing the shingles and any old Ice and Water Shield. This is important in order so we can ensure there isn’t any damaged plywood underneath. Sometimes when some shingles fall off the roof, water can seep beneath other shingles and potentially leak into the home. Any damaged plywood was then replaced such that there was a flat surface to install the roof. We then installed GAF Weather Watch Ice and Water shield along the roof rakes and eves. Ice and Water shield acts as a second layer of protection beneath the shingles when wind-driven rain tries to make its way up the roof at roof edges. We then installed felt paper on the rest of the area not covered by Ice and Water Shield. Felt paper is used to help prevent moisture buildup beneath the shingles as sources like cooking, and bathrooms can help create moisture within the home. We used GAF Shingle Mate Fiberglass-Reinforced Underlayment felt paper as it is much more resilient to wrinkling and buckling over time compared to traditional organic felt paper. Next, we installed GAF HDZ Shingles in Charcoal. GAF uses a few great technologies to make sure your roof is water-tight. GAF’s Dura Grip sealant is applied to all HDZ shingles to help prevent shingle blow-off. It does this by creating a bond between the nail and shingle when the roof is installed. It took about one day to complete the work.

*Estimated Budget: $9,000
*Products Used: GAF

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