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Damaged Roof Replacement in Middletown, NY

Damaged Roof Replacement in Middletown, NY

During the Christmas season, there was a rainstorm that caused the homeowner’s ceiling to cave in. After investigation, they realized that some of their roof was rotted out. It was crucial to get a roof replacement as soon as possible to prevent more damage to the home.
The homeowner called Serrano2Roofing to replace the roof and ensure that it was water-tight. Rather than install new shingles on top of the old ones, we first went onto the roof and removed all old shingles. In doing so, we were able to determine how much plywood needed replacing. As you can see in some of the pictures, there were two specific spots that we removed plywood. The wood was severely deteriorated near the front of the home. All wood and debris were removed, and plywood was replaced where necessary. Next, instead of installing shingles on the porch roof, we installed GAF Liberty low slope Roofing System. It is essential to install the right product on low-sloped roofs since water can often get below shingles and travel far enough to cause damage. GAF Liberty is a three-ply self-adhering modified roof system that is specifically designed for these types of installations. We installed GAF American Harvest Shingles in the Appalachian Sky Color. GAF American Harvest Shingles come with GAF StainGuard Plus to add algae prevention and LayerLock Technology to add improved protection against wind blow-off. StainGuard Plus uses specially engineered capsules that release copper overtime fighting algae stains. Together, these technologies can help protect to keep your roof in tact for 25 years. Once finished, the site was cleared of nails and debris, and the entire job site was cleaned. It took about two days to complete the roof installation.

*Brand Used: GAF

*Estimated Budget: $17,000

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