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Roof Leak Repair, Chester, NY

Roof Leak RepairThe customer called us to check out a leak. It turned out that there was a leak coming from near the chimney in the roof. It was essential to get this fixed because if left alone, it could cause damage to the structure of the home and potentially to household items. We first investigated inside the attic and from the outside. It seemed to be coming from the metal flue pipe or the nearby chimney. Once we removed shingles and underlayment from the surrounding area, we could easily see the area we needed to fix. A hole was cut in the plywood such that we could replace all damaged wood. A sheet of plywood was fit to the area and installed. New Ice and Water Shield was installed to help protect the wood from any potential wind-driven rain and to help seal between protrusions like the chimney or the box vents. New flashing was installed along the chimney to help prevent potential water from going behind the siding and leaking beneath the shingles. Using the same color shingle, we were able to seal the roof off and reinstall the siding. Although they are the same color, since we’re installing new shingles on an older roof, discoloration of the original roof over time has caused the newer shingles to stand out. This is normal and can partially be attributed to algae growth, loss of granules over time, and fading of color over time. Visit our roof cleaning page to see how we clean algae off of roofs. This job usually takes about 6 hours to finish.

*Estimated Budget: $2,000

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